Gooble is a character who lives in Zobooland. He is a rabbit creature whose occupation is eating goobleberries. and getting a big fat round bloated belly.

Physical Appearance

He is a purple rabbit creature. with long ears, a black nose, long arms, flat feet with four toes, and a light purple oval stomach with a belly button called: his Gooblebelly.

Gooble's Belly Momments

  • Gooble slurps up goobleberry jelly on the ground that zoboo and green puppy plays in, as he sips on it his belly, back and sides turn into a big round ball.
  • Gooble's gooblebelly felt empty and wanted some Goobleberries to fill it so zoboo leads him to a goobleberry patch wear he starts to eat and sing. as he is eating so many his belly inflates up like a balloon as he begins to fall asleep.
  • Gooble arrives at mount zoboomafoo with a filled goobleberry belly he's been eating goobleberries all day so his fat will keep him warm. after he eats a last goobleberries he puts his arms around, wobbles around and his belly bounces up and down making a water slosh noise. but he cannot climb due to his weight so Wiggy drags him up the mountian and makes it to the top with his fat tummy protecting him from the cold.
  • At night Gooble is sleeping in a goobleberry patch with a full belly and his feet and toes showing zoboo and sensit jump and bounce on Gooble's full belly as it makes sloshy water noises and wobbles up and down after being bounced on and never wakes up.
  • Gooble jumps heavy due to his big weight when he jumps three times he falls down and hits the floor with his sloshy water noise in his belly herd.
  • Cy bounces off Gooble's head as zoboo and others are trying to stop Baby Zoboomafooasaurus when Goobles holds on his fat body weight slows them down.


  • When Gooble moves he makes bump sounds.
  • In first epsiodes Gooble's feet are bare in later epsiodes prints were drawn on his feet and toes.
  • In "Fearfest" Gooble's belly makes a squeak sound.
  • In "The Four F's" when Gooble falls asleep with a bloated tummy after eating so many Goobleberries his belly makes camel noises.