Tooth brush
Toothbrush is a young male elephant who got his name from Zoboomafoo because he has bristly hairs on his back and tail like a toothbrush. He made his 1st appearance in the 1st episode "The Nose Knows". He appeared in many other episodes such as "Ears Hear", "Feeling Good", "Giants", "Great Singers", "Funny Faces", "Green Creatures", "Brain Power", "Talk to Me", and "Ants and Eaters"; and was also mentioned in "Humans".  Most episodes claim he is an African elephant, but he is actually an Asian elephant (specifically an Indian elephant) and therefore lives in Asia. Some episodes also mistake him for a female.


  • Toothbrush was featured as the mystery animal 3 times, more than any other mystery animal (usually 1-2 times). He was the mystery animal in "The Nose Knows" (making him the very 1st mystery animal), "Green Creatures" (holding a lime holding Seed Prize in his trunk) , and "Talk to Me".
    Mystery Animal 1

    Toothbrush as he appeared in "Mystery Animal" in "The Nose Knows"

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